Further references#

Here, we provide a collection of relevant links provided by our research group:

  • The first BigEarthNet (S2) paper Sumbul et al. [5]

  • The BigEarthNet-MM publication + the recommended 19-class nomenclature Sumbul et al. [6]

The BigEarthNet Guide#


The BigEarthNet Guide documentation introduces the multi-modal BigEarthNet v1.0 dataset and makes it more accessible to others by providing an interactive dataset website.

Pretrained models#

Every repository includes code to re-run the training procedure. These models are all trained with the TensorFlow library.

  • Pretrained models trained on BigEarthNet-S2 with 43-classes

    • https://git.tu-berlin.de/rsim/BigEarthNet-S2_43-classes_models

  • Pretrained models trained on BigEarthNet-S2 with 19-classes

    • https://git.tu-berlin.de/rsim/BigEarthNet-S2_19-classes_models

  • Pretrained multi-modal models trained on BigEarthNet-S1 and BigEarthNet-S2 simultaneously

    • https://git.tu-berlin.de/rsim/BigEarthNet-MM_19-classes_models

BigEarthNet Tools#

  • BigEarthNet-S1 Tools

    • https://git.tu-berlin.de/rsim/BigEarthNet-S1_tools

    • Read GeoTIFF patches from BigEarthNet-S1

    • Script to extract names and download links of the Sentinel-1 Level-1C GRD tiles

      • Requires the BigEarthNet-S1 dataset on disk

  • BigEarthNet-S2 Tools

    • https://git.tu-berlin.de/rsim/BigEarthNet-S2_tools

    • Read GeoTIFF patches from BigEarthNet-S2

      • While skipping cloudy/snowy patches

    • Script to extract names and download links of the Sentinel-2 Level-1C tiles

      • Requires the BigEarthNet-S2 archive on disk

  • Code to read pairs of Sentinel-1 and Sentinel-2 patches

    • https://git.tu-berlin.de/rsim/BigEarthNet-MM_tools



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